Sunday, July 6, 2014

Take A Word - Butterflies

Penelope was so sweet she drew the butterflies to her as bees to honey.  She dreamed one day she could fly away with them.
Credits:  Girl from Land of Nod; butterflies from Dover; background from Finecrafted Designs.
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  1. Awesome Bev.

    Mine is up on my page.

  2. No doubt that this lovely girl in her somber Victorian house needed a little sunshine in her life and those butterflies brought it to her. Great story & picture!

  3. She looks a bit mysterious Bev! I wonder what's on the other side of the door. Gorgeous work as always! xx

  4. i would second june: a bit mysterious. but that is what i love!

  5. There is like a secresy around her and the butterflies. A beautiful artwork, Bev.

  6. What a fantastic power she has!
    So, she has to be careful to not hurt them all at each movement...
    So, she must be very slow.
    This BG is awesome and mysterious
    I love the contrast with the powerful blue and orange against this old and dark house indoors.
    Bravo Bev! Another masterpiece! :)

  7. I always love the narratives which accompany your pieces, Bev! Marvelous lighting in this one!

  8. Bev, my friend, this is an amazing piece. Loud applause from my corner.