Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Three Muses - Street Art

A bit of street art that makes a girl hold tight to her big brother's hand!   They probably won't want to go to the show.   What do you think?   I've had this clown in my stash for so long I don't remember the source, and his arms were borrowed from some other clown.  I guess you could call him a composite clown!


  1. WOW, thats one magnificent wall, Bev, love the children looking on, great idea!

  2. Great street art Bev- I think he might scare me a bit but that's what makes this piece amazing- fantastic work!

  3. This is awesome though scary street art...some clowns freak me out others don't this guy is...well lets just say I'd stay on the other side of the sidewalk.

  4. Aren't they too afraid?
    I don't mind clowns (but my beloved Pat do! Hahaha! :D)
    I wonder, for this specific one, the arms trying to take us in the wall, brrrrr!
    Very well done dear Bev! :)

  5. oh, the clowns really were very very abused these years. In France there were WIDERLICHE crimes with that masquerade. that is not pretty, .... I myself I love humour so much - I adore people who are able to be a clown. it ist not at all easy.....
    moderne times seem to leave the feeling for that!
    You did a very good and perfect artwork, your words fit!
    Mine I will link just after this comment in an new comment.
    Have a nice day, yours Pippa

  6. http://alsoichbinsnur.blogspot.de/2015/07/graffity.html

  7. WOW what a magnificent art work, the clown looks really alife, I love that composition very much.
    Hugs Anja