Sunday, June 25, 2017

Take a Word - Buttons and Bows

East is east and west is west
And the wrong one I have chose
Let's go where I'll keep on wearin'
Those frills and flowers and buttons and bows
Rings and things and buttons and bows
Don't bury me in this prairie
Take me where the cement grows
Let's move down to some big town
Where they love a gal by the cut o' her clothes
And I'll stand out
In buttons and bows
...From a Dinah Shore song of the same name.


  1. Love the idea! It's always helpful to visualize the things before reaching out...

  2. Ahhh - I love that old song. I remember the Dinah Shore show and before that her appearances in movies.
    Bev, your "buttons and bows" creation is exquisite. Perfection.

  3. Well I'd say great minds think alike but since that's possible the only song ever written about Buttons & Bows I think it is more like desperate minds...great picture too.

  4. very sweet. this is a gorgeous image and your layout is perfect. xo

  5. A beautiful collection of images. That song got to me as well.

  6. Looks like we all chose that song. Was a very famous tune. Like your
    entry of two colors..

  7. I maybe the only one who doesn't know this song...
    But I love the words... even if I can't put a melody on them.
    Your image is very well composed and elegant dear Bev.
    I love it! :)

  8. Sorry, I'm maybe the only one...