Saturday, July 29, 2017

Digital Whisper - Favorite Soft Drink

Note the coke on the table.   


  1. A marvelous memory picture

  2. How very elegant my dear this is awesome.

  3. That was my breakfast special with French fries. Before school. My parents never knew. As before I left. I had breakfast first.
    And I was skinny can you believe that.

  4. What a delightful piece :)
    Thanks for playing in this challenge xo

  5. Hi Bev
    Can you do me a favor please?
    I am at the hospital with my hubby. He is in ICU with pneumonia in another city . For some reason I can't get into blogger to post a message. This weeks challenge will be delayed until I can get back home to post it hopefully in a few days. Can you please let everyone know some how?
    Circumstances out of my control at present .
    Thank you!!
    You can email me at
    Let me know
    Thanks again