Sunday, June 27, 2021

Digital Whisper - Fireworks



  1. That's a fascinating image- I think the starbursts are like the sudden inspirations that nudge any creative artist to produce a new work, whether as a graphic or written composition....
    Methinks it takes one to know one? LOL ♥

  2. Beautiful Bev, I like that she is a silhouette against the fireworks and her flowing hair...Great job.

  3. Dear Bev, I do hope you and yours are well.
    Few words for telling you I don't forget you all.
    I'm sad for the TAW blog but understand so well.
    After loosing my old computer and installing a new one, I'm living for about two months on holidays...
    So, I wish you the best my friend.

    1. I've missed you! So glad you took the time to let us know where you are! Nothing worse than changing computers. I hope that goes well. We were sad to close TAW. It was like saying goodbye to Marie one more time, but the three challenges were becoming a bit much.

  4. Forgot to say: I love your blog and your artwork!