Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometimes, when I think of the span of my life, it seems an amazement to me. I was born in the vast prairie corn belt in northern Illinois when Franklin Roosevelt was president. I went to a one-room country school grades 1 through 8. It was heated with a pot-bellied coal stove, and the boys’ and girls’ outhouses were at opposite ends of the schoolyard. I remember the excitement when electricity came to our rural part of the world. I’ve seen the advent of air travel, television, and the internet. I’ve lived through more wars than I care to enumerate. I remember when there were no credit cards, and people practiced the odd habit of getting something when they could afford it. I was a stay-at-home Mom, a room mother, a chaperone, a scout leader, and church secretary. When my children were grown and I was widowed at 45, I became a career woman. I had the best of both worlds. At retirement I explored the internet, became interested in digital art, joined a local altered arts group and a journaling group. I am blessed with a circle of friends, strong women with common interests with whom to share life's journey. I still savor the first crisp autumn morning, the beauty of fresh-fallen snow, the earthy smell of spring, and the long, lazy days of summer. God’s been “real good” to me!


  1. God has been good to you, Bev, but I don't think you have spent one moment worrying about the "mightabeens". You have embraced life and celebrated it wherever it has taken you - and you are still doing just that in your (ahem) autumn years. Things don't happen. It is necessary to make them happen and that is just what you have done. I love your "ramble". More please.

  2. Bev, I too love your "ramble"!

  3. Bev, I read this and knew where you were coming from, and it was so lovely to read. I agree with Marie you are embracing life and celebrating where it continues to take you. You're a good example of how to live life.

    And yes, more please.

  4. Bev, I just discovered your blog...behind the times, I am!

    I enjoyed this ramble of your thoughts and would enjoy reading more of them. Now you can add "writing" to the list of opportunities that life has presented to you!