Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've written poetry off and on for as long as I can remember. When the geese are flying south and it's autumn harvest time, my thoughts always turn to home and to my father. This is a poem I wrote many years ago, as he neared the end of his life.
As we rode through summer breezes
The man of courage and I
He taught me still another lesson
As he had since I was just so high
For the years had left their burden
And now he walked with a cane
And the body once strong and strapping
Now faltered and gave much pain
I heard him not once complaining
As we passed fields of grain on our drive
But commenting on God’s bounty and sunshine
Saying “It’s a good day to be alive”.
Now, when I’m feeling sorry
For the problems and troubles I’ve had
I look to my model of courage
With humble gratitude....I love you, Dad!
I have a little slate in my kitchen on which I've written "Count Blessings. Choose Happy". It's the lesson I learned long ago from my father, who found something good in every day. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Your poem is so lovely. What a great lesson your father taught you, Bev. I like the idea of "choosing happy." Too many peope don't realize that we really do have that option.

  2. Oh I love your poems and thoughts Bev, and this poem is just so beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem and your deep love for your father. Beautiful!

  4. Bev, this is so beautifully touching. No wonder you are the positive and contented person you are today.

  5. Wonderful words of love for your father, Bev. He taught you well ;)

  6. This is so touching and beautiful Bev. I too love the idea of `choose happy' we can all do that.