Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Artful Challenge - Rainbow

This is a rather simplistic treatment of the challenge. The cityscape was sent to me by an Oz friend (thanks, Marie) long ago, and it's been retinted. The strains of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" have been running through my head ever since I read the challenge. Alberta at Amusing Muses has a delightful rendition playing on her blog. Give it a listen. Thanks for a pleasant challenge!


  1. Sometimes simple is good and understated is great and that's what this is. I love this piece Bev.

  2. Simple is perfect in this challenge. The rainbow speaks for itself. Why dress it up? I love your recolouring and use of the old townscape.
    The version of "Over the Rainbow" you mention is often played on the radio here in Oz. The singer is a native of Hawaii who sadly died young.

  3. Wow this is a stunner and what you have done with that skyline is perfect Bev. Beautuful work and this certainly doesnt look simple it looks magnificent. well done
    thanks for joining in my friend


  4. Love the skyline and your rainbow! Wonderful piece, Bev.

  5. Less is more ... the buildings look as though they have been created using wax and an iron.

    chriss x

  6. Hey Bev!
    WOW, you are one busy lady! Doesn't seem that long ago you announced you had started your blog...I am amazed by all the wonderful work you have posted here. Awesome! Hope to see you this weekend for the swap. :)


  7. Simple but absolutely lovely. Really draws the eye in. I love the version of the song too Bev - thinking of putting it on my blog!