Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Muses - Trunk

There was a trunk in Grandma’s attic
Where we children used to play
It held bits of lace and “special things”
My Grandma used to say.

Life went on as it’s known to do
Time has passed on golden wings
Now my children play their games
Near the trunk of “special things”.

This old house is growing older
Still to its memories it clings
Soon another generation will play
Near Grandma’s “special things”.  

The poem is original, credit for the trunk to Jenn U Designs, elements to CR Designs, and the lovely vintage image from the amazingly talented Elizabeth Golden . (Thank you, Elizabeth!)


  1. You're good at poesy as well dear Bev!
    Ouh lala!
    Wonderful image and words!
    Bravo mon amie! <3

  2. I really love it, and that poem especially! Bev the poet!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely you have done my vintage heart good with a beautiful trunk full of memories and your wonderful poem...Bravo my dear!

  4. Your poem illustrates your art perfectly, Bev, both are treasures, just like the trunk's 'special things!'

  5. I love that old colorful trunk full of precious girly things. Your poem is touchy. Unfortunately time goes by so fast...

  6. Love the trunk and poetry, Bev!

  7. Un coffre plein de petits souvenirs !
    j'adore cette idée Bev!
    Amitiés Mary.kg

  8. A wonderful poem dear Bev and a wonderful trunk full of 'special things'.
    This is really how I imagine old trunks should be! xx

  9. A marvelous poem, Bev! You are so creative! I wish I had a trunk of "special things" but we moved too often to hang onto a lot of stuff.xx

  10. Your poem has such soul, Bev, and your illustration of Grandma's special things is magnificent. A huge bow from this corner.

  11. Wonderful poesie. Your combinations of poem and art work is perfect as always!
    Hugs Anja