Monday, November 18, 2013

Collage Obsession - Quote

The challenge is to illustrate a quote. The quote is, in part, lyric from the song "I Hope You Dance".  Credit to CR Designs for the frame, Create Wings for the stars, Elizabeth Golden for the dancer's body.  The head is my own sketch.  Thanks for looking!
OOPS!   I didn't realize it had to be the quote given, I thought it was any quote.  Sorry!


  1. So sweet, and beautifully done! Love her face!

  2. Bev, I chose Kaylene's quote because it is beautiful and meaningful. You weren't supposed to illustrate it.Lovely work here again.

  3. What beautiful work you do dear Bev. This is enchanting and I love her face! xx

  4. Beautiful!
    ( I love that song! )

  5. One of my favorite songs...the words are just wonderful!! Sweet interpretation.

  6. Very nice. I like the head sketch and her dress.

  7. oh your a busy lady indeed all that you get involved in on different sites and your work is illustrated so perfect .

    As you say for you a Vintage lady you are on your word blog for Sunday.

    You sure have a steady hand and a youthful quick mind.

    Your art is magnificent my dear Bev . You will still be doing art at 90 and it will be a master piece as always.