Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Muses - Word

I've decided to use the cover for my 24th Journal for this challenge, since it features the word "WISH".   I've been keeping journals for a few years now, and this cover expresses my feelings about them.  Thank you for stopping by.  Your comments are always appreciated.  Many years ago I wrote a poem about wishing.  Here it is:

When I was small, I was very fat
And I thought skinny was where it’s at
And during the years of my single life
I knew I’d be happy if I just were a wife.

Then I was married and the children came
And I knew when they were grown
I’d be ahead of the game.
When my babies had flown the nest
I thought working women had life the best.

Now I was working and accepting the pay
But I thought I’d give anything for one leisure day
Sure, I was married, as I’d wanted to be
But my single friends all seemed so free.

Time turned the pages, I was single again
And freedom not so great as I thought it had been.
When it’s over, I wonder, on that final day
Will I have lived my life, or just wished it away?


  1. Whoa! Deep, deep, deep. The grass is always greener on the other side.

  2. This is powerful, Bev!Food for thought, my friend.Love your thoughtful poem!

  3. This is powerful, Bev!Food for thought, my friend.Love your thoughtful poem!

  4. This is powerful, Bev!Food for thought, my friend.Love your thoughtful poem!

  5. Such a poignant commentary (and wonderful art)... I have often felt as you do. I miss those days of exchanging letters rather than emails!!

  6. Love the poem, Bev. You could call it "Be careful of what you wish for". It is amazing to me that you have summed up your life so beautifully in a few verses. You are a legend.

    Love the cover of your 2014 journal too. Love the golden touches and, of course, that great photo.

  7. a lot to think about... thanks for reminding us to be more content with what we have and be careful with our wishes!

  8. I love the cover of your journal Bev and that's such a beautiful picture of you!
    The poem is so touching and I think we can all attest to it. xx

  9. Love the journal cover, Bev, and your chosen word, and your poem too, but most of all I love the idea of the treasures you are creating as a gift for your family. Nothing could be sweeter!

  10. I'm overwhelmed from all the meaning in your words and artwork. Thank you so much!
    Best wishes, manus

  11. Powerful is the word, Bev! Well done!

  12. This is just a fabulous post my friend what a treasure. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly about letters and writing in general how wonderful that your family will have your journals. As for wishing I try to replace it with gratitude...wonderful poem.

  13. You are a lovely cover girl!!!
    And you can write!!!!!!!!!!
    wonderful post!

  14. Oh, Bev. How true the words are on your journal page. I have a box full of letters sent to me from the early sixties, but it stops around the mid-nineties. That was a beautiful poem too. Great work!

  15. Beautiful text , deep and profound thoughts,that how it goes.


  16. Oooooh Bev, your depth of soul and your talents are really infinite... You are a treasure! :)

  17. Your poem is very perceptive, and show how dreaming of an alternative life can interfere with enjoying the life one has.

    So much to think and talk about on this post. Perhaps your journals will be of more value to your descendants and illustrate who you are and show your varied talents better than any ribbon-tied bunches of letters. Lucky descendants to be able to turn the beautiful pages of your journals.

  18. What a great wish Bev on your wonderful page, I never write letters anymore.

  19. I'm sure you have been fully living your life, Bev. We wish because it is what human beings do... :)