Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three Muses - Dance

The challenge this week is Dance.  My dancer is from Dover, and the background is by Lorie Davison at Scrapbookgraphics.   When I was single and carefree, my roommates and I took dance lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Miami.   What a fine time we had .... doing some out-of-studio dancing with our instructors.  I remember being quite enamored of my instructor...ah that handsome Louis Trombetta!!!    I wonder if Louis is still dancing.


  1. She is a beauty, Bev! I'll bet you had lots of fun with the dance school :)

  2. Delightful! Your sassy dancer would drive Louis Trombetta crazy!

  3. She looks so pretty, so happy, so alive!
    And what little foot!
    The BG is great.
    Bev, if you are still dancing, be sure Louis is too! :)

  4. Lovely art piece, Bev. She is such a beaty and her background gorgeous.

  5. Oh Bev awesome piece of delight.

    I just had to gab on here. Before I get senior moments.

    Liked you little flirtation knowing one handsome Dude Louis. Is still in your mind.

    You mean you have never tried to find him on face book Knowing last name really.

    I found my flirtation cute guy of many years. I found his picture smack on a menu in a Restaurant were husband and I we were eating. In his town.

    Followed it up. Found him.

    He was the Realtor broker in town. I even asked him if my hubby could take a picture of him and I. He has his office about ten minutes away from where we were eating.
    He did tell me he hated my dad. My dad was a Game Warden. Don't blame him.

    Actually it was his cousin I liked and dated. He was the spit image of Elvis my Crooner back then.

    I should put it up on my site one day.
    You must of been what I never expected of you Bev. A sexy lady and on top of the world being a social butterfly. Ha-ha.

    Dancing at a famous Dancing place.

    You knew what places were uppish back then. Still in business are they Bev?

  6. She looks as though she is light as air!