Monday, December 14, 2015

Dezinaworld - Rich

Some people think rich is all about having lots of money.  If that's the case, why are so many rich people unhappy?   Just askin' ......    And just exactly what IS rich anyway?   Just askin'  ....


  1. she seems to be extremly unhappy!
    What a luck, that we are NOT rich!
    Herzlich P.

  2. So true. I always think that i am rich not in money but in love and happiness and lots of other blessings. Money has nothing to do with being rich in my eyes. Love this piece, love her expression, she is definitely not happy with all her money wealth. Thanks again my friend for joining in the Cheeky challenge this week. Its much appreciated.

  3. A rich lady with an attitude!!!!
    Great collage!

  4. Hi Bev,
    rich in money, but dissatisfied with himself.
    great collage.