Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three Muses - Rainbow

Somehow, the concept of Santa riding a rainbow struck my fancy, and I was off and running.   Trying to get Santa and his sleigh to curve exactly right was a bit of a challenge, I admit, but I'll bet the old fellow had the time of his life!  Everything cybersurfed, of course.   Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Joyous Kwanzaa, whichever fits your faith!   May the holiday season bring you rainbows and lollipops!


  1. You are the rainbow of my life!
    Herzlich Pippa

    1. Is it possible for you to post a URL to your blog WITHOUT Google Plus? I'd love to be able to leave comments, but I don't intend to join Google Plus. Your work is lovely!

  2. Hi Bev,
    so an atmospheric picture of Santa Claus with sleigh in the rainbow, beautiful.

  3. This is an idea of genius Bev!
    I love the way your imagination works!!
    Thank you so very much for your wishes dear, I send you my love and best thoughts for you and yours! <3

    (PS: You live in a lovely house! :)

  4. Well I love this idea and you have expressed it here wonderfully- truly magic Bev!

  5. Santa on a rainbow, how novel, Bev, cool take on the theme!

  6. This is so cute Bev what a great idea.

  7. Bev, what a wonderful card! I love ole Santa flying over the rainbow. Have a great holiday time!