Monday, August 22, 2016

Three Muses - Roses

Mary planted roses by the door
In that time so long ago
Through lace curtains at the window
She watched them bloom and grow.
Those days are long since gone
Faded into pages of the past
But still the roses vine and bloom
Each year as beautiful as the last.
The lace now hangs in tatters
The cottage vacant and still
The oaks still overlook it all
From their spot upon the hill.
Mary is but a memory
To those who loved her best
But still her roses vine and bloom
Since she’s been laid to rest.
So we, too, leave a legacy
In small things we have done
And we leave a gossamer footprint
That lingers after we have gone.
The cottage is a photo my daughter took in Brown County, Indiana.  I've altered it a bit and
"planted" roses by the door, and written the poem above to tell its story.  The tattered lace curtains at the window seemed to have a story to tell, don't you think?  I hope you enjoy visiting!


  1. A beautiful post and lovely poem!!!

  2. So so lovely Bev your poem and artwork are wonderful and heart extraordinary job on both.

  3. A wonderful poem and such a beautiful scene to accompany Bev!

  4. Nostalgic and beautiful, Bev ♥

  5. I admire it all. Love the poem too.

  6. This is exquisite, Bev. I love your rose vine covered cottage and I am in awe of your beautiful poem. Amazing.

  7. Oh so beautiful, Bev, both image and poem. You rock, my friend.