Saturday, January 28, 2017


From time to time, I am inspired to write a poem.  This is one of those times!


Weathered barns in distant places
Sun-kissed fields and open spaces
Tidy gardens weeded and hoed
Little white chapel by the road
Remembered faces, smiling and kind
Childhood lessons come to mind

Now, jet flights and concrete jungles
Internet and traffic tangles
Cacophony of sounds assault my ears
Terrorist threats to whet my fears
Drive-by shootings, prophets of doom
Everywhere, it seems, there’s gloom.

I wish we could bottle those carefree days
Of loving kindness and simple ways
And when we’re burdened and out of cope
We could open the bottle and sip some hope.


  1. what a sentimental and hopeful write. i was a child of the 80s but grew up in the beautiful countryside. it was innocent and safe and beautiful. my, the times have changed. gorgeous writing, bev!

  2. You are a gifted poet, dear Bev! Despite of the tough times it's a blessing to have so sweet memories.

  3. The end is fabulous my friend!Your poem is so powerful!I feel the same!

  4. Yes, those times look so innocent compared to day. Sigh. Loved your poem, and thanks for taking a look back at my old work. Smiles.