Saturday, May 5, 2018

Digital Whisper - Mother

My mother was a spunky little dynamo who could handle a cookstove and a hammer with equal ease.  She was happiest in her garden, which she tended with great care, and no visitor left without a sample of her jams or jellies, or some other product of her labor.   She quilted and carpentered, and she could feed an army with 30 minutes notice.   She kept her house tidy and God in her heart.


  1. Dear Bev, there is a new thing when we want to post our vignette on 'InLinkz', we have to tick the box (or to check the box?) on the left bottom ('I have read and accept the privacy policy regarding the link I hereby enter and the data I provide')... Maybe it's why it doesn't work? I hope it will be good my friend.

  2. This tribute to your mother is a splendor Bev!
    The photo is awesome and your words are so full of love...
    Your mother appears to be an exceptional creature!

  3. Beautiful and tender and loving everything a mother should this is exquisite.

  4. What a beautiful tribute and this piece is so lovely
    Happy you were able to post finally
    Love ya
    Thanks for playing