Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Three Muses - Book Cover

Half the fun of designing book covers is coming up with fun titles of the book or the author.  In this case, I had fun with the author's name.


  1. This is a so beautiful book cover art Bev; simple, well displayed and striking.
    I'm once again in a troubled mood because I don't understand English enough to understand the play of words...
    Anyway, I'm in awe in front of this perfect artwork my friend.

  2. Yes, cover design is good and tells well something about the genre of the book.
    I do get joke between the title and the writer's name...BLUES.

  3. oh, a biographie of this us all well known musician and you styled the cover............what an important and done the best way- job!

  4. Love your cover and the author you clever lady.

  5. Very striking cover Bev


  6. A rhapsody in blue and a wonderful silhouette combined with a very funny name of composer are a recipe for a masterpiece. Great stuff.