Friday, December 19, 2008

Art Creations - Couple

Thanks to Art Creations for another vintage image.
I had fun "building" a patio around this one. The patio floor and acoutrements are from Irene Alexeeva, the window frame from Jen U Designs, the background is several layers from my collection of "stuff". I just love walking down the street and looking in windows, don't you? Thanks for looking!


  1. OOh, that is a lovely scene! Just gorgeous, love the idea!

  2. What a beautiful peep through your window and what a wonderful world outside. This is fantastic, Bev. I love what you have done with the image (recolouring etc) and I love their new environment. My window is on the inside looking out and yours is vice versa!! Great stuff.

  3. Love the way you build this up. Gorgeous.

  4. Don't know how you do this but its gorgeous. Beautiful work
    Hugs June

  5. This is wonderful Bev! I love how you did the window!

  6. Great piece, love how you mirrored the image!

  7. Love the window. And the color of her dress is wonderful.

  8. love it that you turned the image over too.

    My printer is out of ink and so wont be able to take on this brill challenge...unless santa fetches me some

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    I leave you with this Christmas thought....

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    May your turkey be plump,

    May your potatoes and gravy
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    May your puddings be delicious
    And your pies take the prize,

    And may your Christmas dinner
    Stay off your thighs!

    Happy Christmas

    love Chriss x

  9. Lovely picture, great work!