Monday, December 15, 2008

TMTA - Lamp

I went for simplicity with this challenge, an oil lamp and a quote that is meaningful to me. I love oil lamps. The smell of an oil lamp transports me back to my grandmother's house immediately, and in my mind's eye I see her in her prim nightie, holding her little oil lamp and preparing to go upstairs to bed. Strange, isn't it, how certain smells trigger memories!


  1. Hi Bev,
    Sorry I have not been around for a while I have been trying to catch up with everyone as I have been got in the way of my crafting and blogging.
    just had a great catch up with your blog you have some amazing posts since I was last here :))
    Your memory of oil lamps is lovely.
    thanks, chriss x

  2. Simply beautiful, Bev and with the perfect quote. I love being able to enjoy your memories second-hand. You have such wonderful recollections and descriptive skills. More please!

  3. Such an uplifting sentiment and lovely lamp ATC!

  4. Smells trigger such strong images in me, and I always light a scented candle when my class is doing creative writing. Today's flavor is "pumpkin spice," and I've got Winona Judd on the cd player singing "What Child is This?" Your oil lamp is lovely and the green envokes such a holiday feel. You've also inspired me to light the oil lamp I was given last year as a Christmas gift. I'm SO glad we're BBF's (best blog friends)!


  5. As always your work is gorgeous. Love the light and colour of this one
    Hugs June

  6. I love your memories Bev, they always set me off on a train of thought of my own personal history.

    I love the simplicity of this too. Bravo.