Sunday, June 7, 2009

SoArtful - Astrology

June's SoArtful challenge this week is our astological sign. Here's my tribute to my astrological sign,---Aquarius.


  1. Brilliant Bev, thanks so much for joining in this one i love it and love the info part too i am glad you enjoyed the challenge
    Hugs June xxx
    ps, off to add it to sidebar now

  2. Oh look at that beautiful deep blue and gorgeous image! Gorgeous work!

    I am so very far behind on my blog friends and their work. I am still at my Dad's 1800 miles away from home but at least we are out of the hospital. I get to go home on Thursday and I'll be home for 2 weeks and then gone to come back here for 2 weeks then I will be home for a good long while. I cannot wait to get back to work and all caught up with everyone else and have a way to work with the inspiration I get from all of them!

    I am just making some quick peeks but I got to oogle over the two pieces below too and they are just gorgeous as well! Wow! You just always floor me with your perfect atmospheres and imagery!

    have a great and creative week!

  3. Brilliant Bev, those blues are gorgeous and the description sounds just like you.

  4. Unemotional and detached? I think not. However, I have to admit tht most of the Aquarian attributes suit you to a tee. You did a beautiful job of this one, Bev. The colours are scrumptious.