Saturday, March 13, 2010

LotsToDo Challenge - Keys

I've always been fascinated by chatelaines, which were worn at the waist of ladies of the manors, from which dangled by chains watches, scissors, keys, and the necessary acoutrements for running the household. The green is an homage to St. Patrick's Day!! Credits to Playing with Brushes for the background (with an overlay of a googled manor), and the lady is from a page of paper dolls at Flickr Collage Images.


  1. A Stunning piece of artwork

    Thanks for joining the Lotstodo Challenge again this week xx Hilda

  2. Did you know that I had never heard of chatelaines Bev ?
    Thanks for explaining it !
    And Yes..."Ongelooflijk" means something as incredibble and amazing.
    I found it so nice of Judy to use a Dutch word on her comment.
    Wish you a nice saturday !

  3. Very lovely Bev. I'd never heard of chatelaines. Nice to learn something new from a friend.