Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three Muses - Architecture

I am so saddened at the passing of so many little country churches.    Long before ornate churches and fancy cathedrals,  many Christians worshiped in these simple little chapels, untrained voices raised in song, and traveling preachers shared the word of God.    They were  often a hub of the community, famous for fried chicken suppers and ice cream socials.   These vignettes are by the very talented photographer, Swainboat, who generously allowed me to use his work.  When I traveled in my work, I frequently passed a little brick chapel beside the highway.  It occasioned me to write this poem.   Thank you for stopping by.

                    THE LITTLE CHAPEL

It's just a little chapel that sits beside the way
But I wonder what it could tell me if it could speak today.
The tower is now empty where the beckoning bell once rang,
And only dusty silence where the little congregation sang.
The windows are now vacant and the pews are long since gone,
But, if I listen, I hear echoes of ice cream socials on the lawn.
I imagine all the faithful who have talked here with their God
While outside their forefathers rested deep beneath  prairie sod.
I see all the bridal couples who have here exchanged their vows,
And think of long-ago sermons soothing furrowed brows.
How many babes were christened, how many old folks laid to rest?
How many Sunday mornings with folks dressed in Sunday best?
I feel God all about me as I stand beside the door
And listen to the voices of those who've passed before.
For one day I'll be like them, when this life has passed me by
And my voice be but an echo to some dreamer such as I.
May I live my life with honor in my short time here on earth,
And touch the lives of others with love, and joy and mirth.
May there always be a moment as day follows busy day
For echoes like the chapel's and what it had to say.


  1. Dear Bev.
    The first thing what came in my mind was the tv serie *A little house on the prairy" from Laura Wilder Ingals.
    Right now I follow the repeating again. I don't know how many times I see these episodes already but I LOVE it and to me it represents exactly your piece.
    The way of living in your country in that century intrigues me.

    Your poem I had to translate for a moment because I didn't understand all words but I tasted a little melancholy (I hope I translated this word well?)

    This is such a beautiful post and I thank you hearty for both.
    Sharing your image and your touching thoughts.

  2. Bev, your picture is superb and the poem is so moving. It carries the reader away into another world. The same things have happened here where it is more important to be modern and forward looking than preserve our heritage. In the UK and Ireland it seems that every tiny village has its own ancient church still the hub of the community, still being appreciated and used. We should learn from such a history but we don't, unfortunately.

  3. This is really a lovely image created by a sensitive and talented artist. Your poems always move me. Thank you for everything!

  4. This is beautiful, Bev! The poem is the icing on the cake :)

  5. Absolutely love this, Bev. Brings back so many memories of the small town church I attended as a child. It has now been replaced but sadly there is little character to the architecture that stands today. Although my family moved away so long ago but on the rare occasion when I visit our former home town I still miss the "old church" and the beautiful steeple. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.

  6. What a glorious tribute to your country churches, Bev, accompanied by your own poem it is perfection!
    Just along the road from me is a similar church, 119 years old and used mostly for weddings now and a Christmas service. If you are interested, have a look at www.wallacevillechurch.co.nz

  7. You are an artist of many talents!!!
    I always enjoy seeing your latest!

  8. All I can say is "hear hear" I enjoyed every minute of your posting.

  9. What a wonderful post, Bev! Your poem is charming and so is the art. You certainly "touch the lives of others" with both your blogging and your art.

  10. Your posting today is glorious. You have such a talent for putting into words that I can only dream. Perfection! xx

  11. What a beautifully touching post, Bev. Your picture and words give a view if a world that is rapidly being lost ot us. Bravo!

  12. What a beautifully touching post, Bev. Your picture and words give a view if a world that is rapidly being lost ot us. Bravo!

  13. Oh bev, you're a so sensitive, clever & unique person & artist...
    Thank you to be here among us...
    Your artwork is always a real pleasure in any sense!
    (PS: Your direct link goes to Swainboat)

  14. Truly moving! Both the collage and poem are so beautiful. They feel like a moment of peace.

  15. Simple beautiful and touching pictures and words Bev...a wonderful take on this challenge!

  16. beautiful! love the different buildings in your piece!

  17. Wow, Bev, your whole post is exemplary!!! What a beautiful work of art! And your poem is wonderful.

  18. I LOVE the vintage feel of this. Not to mention the little chapels.