Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Postage Stamp People

The theme this week is postage stamp people.  It's always fun to start with a stamp and go cybersurfing for a body to match.  This is a collage of things India, some filters and overlay!   Thanks for your visit.


  1. I agree Bev and you did a fantastic job! Love this bit of world travel and glorious color!

  2. oh, I mean it is post - mail from angela merkel, who actually was in India!
    maybe she has a new lover there!
    Herzlich Pippa

  3. What a regal gentleman, Bev love the lush colours!

  4. Wonderful piece :-D xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Very well done! You've matched the elements perfectly, the colors are spot on. A great piece, really like this one, Bev♥

  6. This one is an eye-catcher Bev, I can hardly stop looking at this so rich composition.
    What a powerful and colorful vision of India.

    (I realize that I didn't do the challenge right: I make the post-stamp too... Anyway, it was fun!)

  7. Dear Bev,
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    I was very, very inquiet with my activities the last months. This was because of personal difficulties and problems. Now, all is save and solved.

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  8. This is an amazingly clever piece, Bev, and what a regal looking fellow too.

  9. This is just down right awesome.

  10. Nearly missed this one, Bev. Love your postage stamp person (and surroundings). A great piece of mail art.