Sunday, November 23, 2008


I belong to a small group of women with an affinity for the written word. At our monthly meeting, we draw a topic card as a challenge for the next meeting. Recently, our topic card was simply a photo of two astronauts. I occasionally lapse into rhyme, and sometimes have a devilish urge for some tongue-in-cheek fun. Such was the case with our space topic, with the following result.

In these days of tribulation, you gotta wonder why
We need to look for more, by exploring our sky.
We dress up our heroes in spacesuits slick as a whistle,
Give them a flag, and send them off in a missile.
If there are aliens out there, they probably have seen us
From their vantage point on the planet of Venus,
Or perhaps from Jupiter, in their own space cars
When they’re off with their family for a trip to Mars.
Stopping by Mercury or lunch on the moon,
Passing by Earth, they‘ll head on to Neptune.
Enjoying the cosmos and its glorious pattern
They‘ll take a left turn so the kids can see Saturn..
Circling the sun, they’ll send a message to pain us
“When we get there”, they’ll say, “we’ll study Uranus.”
,,,,,,as I said, the Devil made me do it ....


  1. This gave me a laugh Bev, sounds like an interesting group you have there.

  2. Hi!
    I like your poem! Thanks for stopping by my place. Sorry about having a hard time finding my blog. I thought I put my link in. Next time I will! When you go to my list of blogs just click on My Journal you'll go right there. Take Care!!


  3. I am so glad the devil made you do it!! This is my second reading of your treatise on "space - the last frontier" and it is twice as funny.

  4. Interesting group. I also like to write and did some in the past.

    Bev, I have an award for you on my BLOG. The text that goes with it sounds like it may have been written by a spanish speaking person. I just copied it verbatim. That's not the way I speak. But I was honored by the sentiment expressed. Hope you will be too.

  5. That Devil is a Devil Bev. Tell him to get behind you.