Sunday, April 19, 2009


My generous blog friend, Lynn Stevens of Trash to Treasure Art has presented me with the Renee Blog Award. I'm honored, but I find it difficult to choose just seven from my list of wonderfully inspirational blogs. So I invite everyone to just choose any seven from the list, and I know they'll be in for a treat. Don't forget to visit Lynn's blog as well!


  1. Yes, well done, indeed! Hey Bev, your new thumbnail pictures come up on my blog so I rarely see your header and I have just noticed that it has changed. Looks GREAT!!

  2. Sorry 7 is just too hard so here goes. Memories (4/10)
    Sewing (4/8) Strips & Dots (4/5)
    Life is Good (3/28) Orange (3/18)
    Flowers (3/11) Artarazzi (3/7)
    Time (3/7) Granny (2/9)
    Hero (2/22) Maude (1/11) Hope this helps "M"

  3. You're a dear, Hoosiergg! Actually it's seven blogs from the blog list you're supposed to pick, but it's nice to see which art pieces you like! You're a dear friend!