Monday, May 23, 2011

Starlet Challenge - Clara Bow

This is my first entry for the new Starlet Challenge by Missouri Daze.   I wish her well with her new endeavor!!
Credits:  Finecrafted Designs and  Silent Ladies and Gents


  1. A zetti Clara Bow with a steamppunk perfume! Love it!

  2. A Clara Bow wannabe with souvenirs of her idol! What a great and original idea and what a gorgeous, whimsical world you have made for her. I love the old maybe art deco style chair and the gramophone.

  3. This is awesome Bev I love the way you have created a room scenerio and included her in the artwork. Excellent job!!!

  4. This is AWESOME! Love the creation of her in the artwork. The gramophone is FABULOUS! Thanks for joining The 52 Starlet Art Challenge. And thanks for the well wishes. :)

  5. Now you have gone and done it again!!!!!!!
    I love this over the top creation!